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How Often Should You Run Background Screenings?

Compliance can feel like a checklist, putting the proper safety measures and reporting in place to ensure the safety of your team. But the set-it-and-leave-it approach leaves some employers and teams at risk.

In a fast-paced business environment, and a changing regulatory space, employers need to consider compliance a constant. This blog explores the importance of continuous safety strategies, answering the often-asked question: how often should we run background checks?

The Need for Regular Background Screenings

Background screenings are not just a one-time procedure; they're an ongoing commitment to safety and compliance. As employees' circumstances and roles evolve, so do the compliance requirements associated with their positions. Regular screenings help mitigate risk, ensuring that the workforce remains compliant with industry regulations and company policies. In addition, employees may undergo significant changes after their initial hiring - from criminal records to driving eligibility. Regular background checks help employers stay informed about these changes.

Frequency Recommendations

While there's no one-size-fits-all answer, experts generally recommend conducting background screenings at least annually. However, certain factors may warrant more frequent checks:

High-Risk Positions: Roles with access to sensitive data or financial resources might require semi-annual or quarterly screenings.

Regulatory Requirements: Some industries, like finance or healthcare, have specific legal requirements for screening frequency.

Company Policy: Company-specific factors, like past incidents or the nature of the work, can dictate the need for more frequent checks.

Balancing Vigilance and Practicality

While regular screenings are crucial, balancing them with practicality is important. Excessive screenings can strain resources and affect employee morale. A well-thought-out policy, tailored to the company's specific needs and risks, is essential–and open communication is equally important.

Leveraging Technology for Efficient Screenings

To keep up with regular screening needs, your solution needs to be tech-first and mobile-friendly. Our platform allows candidates to submit information safely from their mobile phones and provides easy reporting for hiring teams to see all of their results at a glance. These features can minimize the toll of background checks, both for new hires and for ongoing screening needs.

The Impact of Regular Screenings on Company Culture

Regular screenings aren't just about compliance; they're also about nurturing a culture of safety and integrity. They demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment, benefiting the company and its employees.

Regular background screenings are a critical component of a comprehensive risk management strategy. They should be conducted with a frequency that reflects the nature of the business and its workforce. By integrating efficient screening solutions and fostering a culture that values safety and integrity, companies can navigate the complexities of background checks with confidence and efficacy. Reach out to our experts today for help arriving at a flexible package and frequency that works for your team.