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The background screening industry is constantly changing as new laws and regulations affect hiring practices. This constant instability can be a legal trap for companies who are not current with hiring law. A good background screening partner is critical to smoothing out the hiring process and minimizing legal risk. View our variety of services below.

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Customizable Packages

We offer various background screening services with add-on reports to meet your requirements.

Criminal Searches

The driving force behind background screenings is safety. Your due diligence can help uncover certain violent, aggressive, or otherwise unsafe behaviors your prospective candidate has demonstrated.

Verification Searches

Nearly 50% of applicants falsify information on their resumes. This poses a risk to businesses, as it makes it near impossible to trust a candidate’s information at surface-level. Our verification screenings ensure that your candidates have provided honest information which allows you to make a well-informed decision.

Drug Screenings

Drug screening ensures that position-specific physical requirements are met and that the work environment is drug-free. Drug screening service offers lab-based and instant drug testing including DOT-compliant occupational health services and Biometric screening.

A La Carte Searches

In some industries, background screenings are required by local, state, or federal states. These regulations are constantly changing and come with a large price tag if not handled correctly or are found out of compliance. Partnering with a trusted background screening agency like Authentica, we not only educate you on screening regulations related to your business, we also give you the tools to ensure you stay in compliance.

Learn more about our services from our Director of Background and Drug Screening, Dominic Oliveri.

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