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Frequently Asked Questions

The world of background checks can be complex and confusing. We've put together the most common questions we hear from our customers to help you manage the different types of searches and ensure compliance -- for a simpler, streamlined process.

How long do most background checks take?

The industry average turnaround time for most background checks is between 3-5 business days, but they can take longer than expected depending on the depth of the search, geographical location of your candidates, or county courthouse operations. Based on these factors, they can be completed in as soon as a few minutes, or longer than two weeks. We are proud to uphold a more efficient speed, with an average turnaround time of 2-3 business days.

Why does my company need background screening services?

Conducting background screenings is an important part of building your team of employees. They help
organizations reduce the risk in the hiring process and focus in on candidates who have a higher
potential to align with your needs as a company. There are several values to creating and maintaining a
background screening process for your business: Ensuring overall workplace safety; avoiding bad hires;
reducing liability and legal costs; and ensuring position fit. However, to get the most from the
background screening process, you need to conduct these properly, using the right services and having
the correct knowledge throughout the way.

Can I Afford Background Screening Services?

There is no industry-standard fee for conducting employment background screenings. The price
depends on which services you need performed and how in depth your requirements are. Authentica
has no new customer set-up fees and no yearly fees. Our customers are billed monthly by completions
only and you will never be charged for any incomplete searches. Our background screening packages are
completely customizable according to our clients’ needs and we will work with you if needed to
determine what those needs are in the most cost-effective way. Our background screening packages start at just $15.