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Our Ten-Step Background Screening “Recipe”


Properly conducting a background check is a lot like following a recipe. Choose the improper tools to work with, and your cook becomes needlessly complicated. Add too little seasoning, and you’ll need to adjust the flavor later. Skip an ingredient entirely and risk jeopardizing your meal – or even your entire dinner. 


So how do you prevent your dish from becoming a disaster? By sticking to the step-by-step instructions, of course. Whether producing a meal or screening a candidate for employment, each part of the process is there for a reason and serves an undeniably essential purpose. 


Read on for the ultimate background screening checklist for your next new hire.


Step 1: Ensure your applicant has given written consent. 


Your obligation as an employer is to make your candidate aware of background check procedures and obtain a signed agreement. The document should state that background checks are necessary to the employment selection process and given to all candidates that will be moving forward for hiring consideration without exception. 


Step 2: Partner with a trusted background screening agency. 


While it’s doable to create a screening process from scratch, certifying its efficiency, reliability, and compliance is no simple task. That’s why working with a reputable screening company with a long history of business and clear protocols in place is the choice of many employers. Our team at Authentica would love to be a resource – click here to learn more about the screening solutions and packages we offer. 


Step 3: Investigate the applicant’s criminal history. 


Conduct a comprehensive search referencing the National Criminal Database Alias, Criminal Records Checkpoint, Department of Corrections, and Sex Offender Registry. A criminal background check aims to ensure safety, and these criminal records will bring to light any hazardous behaviors that your candidate may possess. 


Step 4: Write a drug-screening process and testing policy. 


Having a drug-free environment is vital for maintaining workplace safety and productivity. There are a variety of lab-based or instant testing options available that can uncover a candidate’s drug use. Include a written copy of your drug screening and test result policies in your employee handbook and disclose all details about the procedures and potential consequences. 


Step 5: Validate the applicant’s prior working experience. 


Considering that nearly 50% of applicants falsify information on their resumes, accepting all provided information at face value poses a significant risk for your business. This statistic shows why utilizing a third-party background screening company is especially useful because they can quickly validate or disprove details about past employment. False job experience can conceal important information about the candidate’s true capabilities, honesty, and dedication. 


Step 6: Determine if other checks are necessary and relevant to the position.


Consider conducting other searches for specific jobs or industries like an education verification, credit check, or Department of Motor Vehicles check. Be sure to choose a reliable partner to offer you the additional services you want. 


Step 7: Ensure your background screening policies are legally compliant. 


Laws and regulations surrounding background checks are constantly changing and can be challenging to navigate. Failing to maintain compliance can lead to costly litigation or worse. Make sure your team stays updated with state and federal policies or align with a trusted screening agency that can provide you with peace of mind and all the tools and information you need. 


Step 8: Be timely with adverse action notices. 


If you decide to reject a candidate after receiving their background check results, you must notify the applicant promptly. Do so by providing a copy of the background report and “A Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.” Candidates may contact the background check provider if they want to dispute any information in the report. 


Step 9: Compose and maintain a written background check procedure. 


Copy down your background screening procedure and ensure all necessary parties are aware of it. Clearly defining how, who, and when you screen protects your company. Use this checklist as you craft your screening strategy and reference it periodically as your company changes and evolves. 


Step 10: Partner with Authentica for a seamless hiring and screening experience. 


Our experts will handle your entire background check procedure so that you can hire with ease and confidence. Our innovative platform is simple to use and grants you access to an extensive suite of the industry’s top screening programs. Our technology is cutting-edge, and our team of down-to-earth and reliable professionals will ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with our services 100% of the time. 


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