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Effective Onboarding Experience Tips: How to Welcome a New Hire

Onboarding is an ongoing and iterative process. It starts with a commitment to personalization and efficiency, and it’s carried through by keeping the company’s values top of mind, setting clear expectations, and investing in continued growth opportunities. With these practices established, companies will support higher employee satisfaction, safety, performance, and success from the very beginning.

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Education Spotlight: Accelerating Hiring & Supporting Employees

Learn about keeping schools safe and hiring good people. In 2024, we focus on what’s important in education. Making sure campuses are secure is the main goal. Authentica helps by checking the backgrounds of staff, so schools can have trustworthy workers. They look at things like social security, criminal records, and social media to make sure everyone is safe. With Authentica, schools can hire the right people and keep the community happy and safe.

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