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Top Three Candidate Onboarding Expectations to Meet in 2023


A smartly crafted onboarding process fosters positive perceptions of your organization and gets employees started on the right foot. However, did you know that only 12% of American employees would say their company does an excellent job onboarding new hires? 


Whether this comes as a surprise or not, there’s no denying the strong correlation between exceptional onboarding and employee satisfaction: workers who do highly rate their onboarding experience are 2.6 times more likely to be exceedingly pleased with their place of work. In this regard, the onboarding experience significantly determines how well new employees integrate within the company to become productive, permanent team members. 


How do you ensure a smooth onboarding experience? It starts with efficient, comprehensive background screening once you’ve identified your top candidate. Continue reading for three tips to meet the demands of a talented workforce looking to join your organization.


Reliable speed and efficiency. 


Preventing stalls or slow turnaround times during onboarding is vital in keeping your candidates engaged. New hires will expect swift action and assess your company’s productivity based on their smooth experience. We recommend utilizing programs and screening services from reputable companies that have proven their promptness without skimping on quality. By doing so, you will preserve new employees’ excitement by getting them in on the action as quickly as reasonably possible. 


Fully digital capabilities. 


Just as employees expect top-notch technology in the workplace, potential hires expect the information-gathering part of the hiring process to be digitized. Look for hiring and screening platforms compatible with mobile devices and have user-friendly interfaces. That way, candidates can easily access materials, share information securely, and eliminate unnecessary steps such as printing and shipping to streamline their onboarding experience. And, with remote work more prevalent than ever, online capabilities are not only preferred for onboarding but are often necessary. 


Complete transparency and privacy assurance. 


Certain aspects of the onboarding process, such as background checks and screening, require handling sensitive information. Confirm that the platforms you implement are transparent and give your candidates the privacy protection they deserve. In addition, partnering with an accredited screening provider ensures compliance, minimizing your legal risk and keeping your onboarding process up to regulation. 


Partner with Authentica for a smoother onboarding experience. 


For a background screening service that’s prompt and efficient, digitally optimized, and fully transparent, choose to make Authentica a staple part of your onboarding process. Our cutting-edge platform features powerful tools that businesses nationwide have trusted for over 25 years. Plus, our dedicated screening experts work directly with you to ensure you can consistently hire confidently. Ready to get started? Contact us today!